Engineers Rocks

Doctors vs Engg:
SCENE 1: (pune-mumbai)
7enggrs take only 1 tiket and 7docs buy all 7 tikets. When TC arives, all 7eng get in 1 toilet so when TC knocks, 1 hand comes out wid ticket & TC goes away.
Nw on return jurney, all of dem(enggr & doc) don't get direct train to pune so dey ol decide to tak pasengr till Lonavala,4m dere dey can gt ...easily a local to pune.
SCENE 2: (mumbai-Lonavala)
Doctors decide dis time we wil prove we 2 r equal..All 7 tak 1 tckt bt enggrs don't buy any tckt at all.,
TC arrives.All docs in 1 toilet & all engrs in opposite toilet.1 enggr comes out and knocks docs door, 1 hand with ticket comes out,enggr take tht tckt n comes back. TC drives out all docs n dey r fined heavily.
SCENE 3:This time docs buy only 1 tckt again & engg buy all 7.So TC comes, all eng show deir tickets & docs r still srchng for toilet in LOCAL TRAIN.
Engineers rock.
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