WoodCutters Sotries Climax Changed

A woodcutter lost his ordinary axe & lord offers him both gold & silver
he takes hiz own axe & seeing hiz honesty lord gives him all 3.

Now this woodcutter goes again 2 forest wid his wife.But hiz wife falls into d river.
...he cries n pleads 2d lord 2 give him his wife.
Lord brings out angelina jolie &
asks 'is this ur wife?'
he replied, 'yes'.
Lord said 'u lied n u r gona b punished'

he said 'wait lord,
I lied coz if I had said no u wud have taken out Cameron Diaz.
If den I said no u wud hv taken out my wife n seeing my honesty u wud have given me al d three.
m a poor man.
I cant keep all 3 so I said yes 2 Angelina.

Moral: Men r honest liars...
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