Proffesser Amd Student

After failing in an Exam,
a college student goes to his Lecturer..

sir, do u understand d subject urself??
surely I must. Othrwise I would not be a professor!!

I wud like 2 ask u a question.
If u give d corect answer ,I will accept my marks & go.
If u dont know d answer, u give me an ''A'' grade!!

ok...what is d question.?

Wat is legal, but not logical, logical but not legal,
and neither logical nor legal ????

The professor couldn't give d answer
and changes his exam mark into an "A"

ok...Now tell d answer!

sir u r 63 yrs old & married to a 35 yr old woman
which is legal but not logical..

Your wife has a 25 yr old lover
which is logical but not legal..=O

U have given your wife's lover an "A"
although he shoud have failed..=O
its neither legal nor logical ;D

->Professor shocked ! Student Rocks..
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