Banta And Kidnapper

Banta spending his life in real poverty decides to earn some quick bucks through an illegal way.
He thinks of kidnaping someone and demanding ransom from the parents of that child.
In order to execute his plan, he goes to a nearby park and finds a little girl playing there. He writes a note "I have kidnapped your daughter. Drop by Rs.2,00,000 in the park by 12:00pm tomorrow else your daughter will be killed".
He pins the note on the girl's shirts and drops her at her home.
Next day..
Banta desperately waiting at the park for the money.
That little girl comes with a bag and hands over the bag to Banta with a note.
Banta checks the bag and finds Rs.2,00,000 in the bag. He desparately check the note which happens to be from Santa. It reads....
"Please don't kill my daughter. I'm sending Rs.2,00,000 with my daughter. Keep it and release my daughter".
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